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Anonymous: I keep feeling so lonely, and annoying. I seem to prefer being solitary but at the same time I hate being lonely, and if I try to talk to someone I feel so god damn annoying and then I want to be alone again, its an endless cycle that I don't know how to break

You tell yourself that it’s okay to be you. There will be people that won’t like you, and there will be people that will like you. You might as well be yourself. You’ll be happier that way love, make sure you know your importance c:

Anonymous: Pls help me I feel so alone , I'm missing this guy I have nobody to talk to ever since , Everyday it gets worse n worse . I feel so worthless , all I can do is cry . I want to cut & kill myself ;-;

You can message me ok? Remember nothing lasts forever. This lonesome feeling will be forgotten one day. Keep your head up lovely, it’s worth fighting x

Anonymous: Your beautiful and lovely and wonderful in so many ways you probably don't even see, be kind to yourself because you are a good person, who deserves so many amazing things.

I’m not so sure about that, but I’m glad you think so. Thank you /~\