Anonymous asked:

Well um, I cut and each time I go a little deeper just to feel more of a rush, but I'm starting to scare myself at how addicted I am to this rush. I'm worried about how far I will go just to feel it. I've been cutting on and off for the past 2-3 years usually only once or twice but it's getting so much worse now because of how amazing it feels when I cut a lot deeper. I am really scared, please help or just give me an alternative to feel this rush, I will be forever grateful

I know that rush is pretty hard to find, but alternatives won’t do you much good. You need to find something that you’ll enjoy doing. Something that you can put your all into. Something that’ll keep you busy, and take your mind off of things. Hurting yourself makes matters worse because it lets you believe it’s helpful. Good luck, I believe in you x

Anonymous asked:

I have so much anxiety. I'm afraid of so many things. All they do is haunt me. I can't even escape them in my sleep. Every night I sleep with a light on because I wake up from nightmares and if it's dark I'll have an anxiety attack. My friends don't understand how bad it is. They can't sleep with lights on. I had to fight through four attacks this summer when I was at a friends house/they were at mine. I wanna stop being so nervous and fucked up. I want it to stop.

Hey, it’ll stop someday okay? I know how bad it gets, and I know it feels like it’ll be that way forever, but nothing’s truly lasts forever. Tell yourself that you are stronger than anything life has to put you through. I know you’ll get through this. Feel free to message me if you ever need anyone x


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